"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows


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Q: I don’t have an account. How do I register?

If you don’t have an account with us, create an account by following these steps:

  • Go to Login > Register. Fill out your account info and submit.
  • Check your email for a link to finish your registration. The email should have a subject line like this: “[80 FS Headhunters] Action Required: Email Verification”
  • The email will look something like this:
  • Registration verification email
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Q: I’m receiving an error message stating: “Please confirm your e-mail to activate your account”.

Please click on the link in the verification email as described above in “registration”.

If you can’t find the verification email, please email he administrators for help. We can’t resend it to you unfortunately (software limitation), but we can try to reset your account.

Q: I already have an account. How do I Login?

If you have an account from our previous website (pre-April 2014), your 80fsheadhunters.org username and password is exactly the same on the new site. Follow these steps to login:

  • Go to the Login page on the far right of the menu. Login using your 80fsheadhunters.org username or email & password

Q: I have an 80FSHeadhunters.org account but forgot my Username or email. How do I find them?

Go to the Login page and look for the “Forget?” link below the password field. Please try all the emails you can think of before contacting us. If no luck, email Lude for your information (see Contact Us page for details).

Q: I forgot or need to reset my password.

Go to Login > Reset Password

Q: How do I add a picture to my profile?

You can upload any picture on your profile page. Go to Login > View Profile. Then click on “Edit Profile”. You can also use a free service called Gravatar. It links seamlessly into our site as well as many other sites you’re probably using around the web.

Memberships & Mailing List

Q:  Why can’t I see some pages without a paid membership?

While some of the site is viewable to the general public, most information specific to the organization is restricted to members only.

Q:  How do I sign up for an Annual/Lifetime Membership to get access to the full website and support the Headhunters?

Go to the Headhunter Memberships page. You’ll have full-access to the website after the purchase of any membership.

We’re sure  you’ll enjoy your membership. And the fact that you’ll be directly contributing to carrying on our  proud fighter heritage

Q. I already have a Lifetime Membership or paid Annual Membership. How come I can’t access the site? How can I get my membership applied to my website account so that I can access the entire website?

We’ve already completed the website updates for most Lifetime Member and annual member accounts. But we may have missed some accounts. If you are a LTM or annual member and find that you do NOT have access to the full website, its a simple  3 step process to get it fixed:

1) Make sure you have registered for your website account and can successfully log in. See above for exact details if you need help registering your account and logging in.

2) Email Muskrat & Lude. You can find our email addresses here. Tell us that you want your Lifetime or Annual membership applied to your 80FSHeadhunters.org website account. Make sure you include the email address associated with your account.

3) Muskrat & Lude will update your account usually within 24 hours. You’ll then have full access to the site.

Q. Canceling my Annual Membership subscription.

The Annual Membership is an automatically-renewing payment. Each year we will automatically bill you for your annual Headhunters Association dues. You can cancel your automatically-renewing payment, and therefore your Headhunters Association membership, at any time. No hassle, no fuss. Just go to Account > Subscriptions. You should see a link called “Cancel Subscription” beneath the Annual Membership description. Now do the following:

  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” link. NOTE: initially nothing will change on the webpage after clicking the link. So to verify your cancellation…
    • Refresh the webpage. The status beneath the Annual Membership description should now read “Subscription Cancelled”
    • You’ll also receive a cancelation confirmation email from us
  • Logout of the website one last time (under “Login” on the far right side of the menu)

That’s it. You won’t be charged for Headhunter Association membership dues again. Please note that your access to the paid-member’s only content on this website will end immediately upon your cancellation of your membership.

Q. Update my credit card on file?

  • Go to Account > Subscriptions & hit “Update”
  • Put in new CC info & hit “Submit”

Q. How do I sign up for the website’s mailing list.

All website users are automatically added to the mailing list. So if you have an account with us (username and password), you should be on our mailing list. You can confirm your mailing list status by re-submitting your information via the mailing list form on Contact Us page. The website will tell you if you are already on our list. You can also use it to update any information (email address, callsign etc.).

We use an email service called MailChimp (www.mailchimp.com) for our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time. And of course we take great care of your data. We’ll never spam you or sell your email address.

Store Merchandise

Q:  How quickly will my order through the Headhunter Store be filled?

Orders are normally filled within 7-10 business days and shipped via the US Postal Service using standard rate postage.  The store hopes to add an option for “rush” shipments in the near future.


Q:  What is the 80 FS Headhunters Organization?

The 80 FS Headhunters is a private, non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to preserving the history of the squadron’s service to the US Army Air Corps and the US Air Force.

Q:  Can I join the 80 FS Headhunters?

You are eligible for membership if you are or were previously assigned to the 80 FS Headhunters.

Q:  Does it cost anything to be a member of the 80 FS Headhunters?

Our annual membership costs only $10.00 per year. Lifetime memberships are also available; the cost depends on your age. Those over 70 years old can get a membership at no cost. Please see  the Headhunter Memberships options section of the store.

Q:  Why is there a membership fee; is it used to pay the organization leaders?

The membership fee covers the cost of producing the quarterly newsletter (Headhunter Headlines), maintaining the website, and other office administrative functions.  The management team is comprised of volunteers, who are not financially compensated for their time and talent.

Q: Who painted that fantastic picture of Jay T. Robbins’ P-38 “Jandina III”?

The one you seek is named Jack Fellows, and the piece is called “Aces of the Eighth”. You can see the whole work in its full glory here.

Q:  Why did you re-design the website?

Short answer: the old one died

Longer answer: we wanted to completely overhaul the site and make it more modern, relevant to all members (young and not so young) and put some energy back into the place.

Q:  I’m not a member, but I have historical photographs and memoirs to pass to the squadron.  How do I submit them for posting?

Please see the feedback options on the Contact Us page. Tex will reply with further information