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      Hi Tex, I acquired your email address from the 80th website contact page. I’m hoping you can help me. I’m trying to track down information about my father, 1st Lt. Ralph E. Jacobs, MIA, Korea on 23 JAN 51. He was flying an F-80 with the Headhunters, Flight “C” when his craft crashed at 37.55N 127.45E. I also know he flew P-51’s during the F-80 hiatus in August, 1950. I have the “yearbook” printed by the 80th but little more than that to tell me what he was doing, how he got there and anything else about his service in Korea. I attend the annual POW-MIA meetings provided by the DoD but they have little to add. All of my father’s records burned in the NPR fire in St. Louis. My ultimate goal is to document as much as possible about my father for his great-grandchildren and potentially, to help find his remains for repatriation from Korea.
      Are there still any veterans alive and active in your organization who flew with the 80th during the period January 50 – January 51? If so, I sure would like to contact them and learn as much as possible. I’m willing to pay for a membership and attend reunions if necessary. Any assistance you might provide would be deeply appreciated. Sincerely, Byron Jacobs, 838 Newport Circle Redwood Shores, CA 94065 (650) 619-2503 byron@monttech.com

      I did a little research and came up with the following. Can anyone give Byron any more information? -Tex

      AIRCRAFT TYPE: F-80C . AIRCRAFT: 49-1854

      Comments: First Lieutenant Jacobs was the pilot of an F80C Shooting Star fighter interceptor with the 80th Fighter Bomber Squadron, 8th Fighter Bomber Group. On JaJanuary 23, 1951, while on a combat mission, the aircraft’s wing tip tank came loose causing the plane to crash near Chunchon, South Korea. His remains were not recovered.
      Take a look at this website: http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/usaf/80fbs.htm Some very interesting information. We have our own page-Tex

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      Here’s LT Jacobs’ military history as sent to me by his son, Byron. Note there is a writeup in the November 2014 Newsletter on LT Jacobs with a picture of him.

      1 st Lt. Ralph Edward Jacobs, USAF
      Military Record
      15 Dec 1942 – 23 Jan 1952
      15 Dec 42 – 29 Mar 43 Kansas City, MO: Private, enlisted in US Army Ser# 17136111 as
      Aviation Cadet
      29 Mar 43 – 21 Apr 43 Sheppard Field, TX: Aviation Cadet – Basic Military Training
      22 Apr 43 – 8 Aug 43 305th CTD, Fayetteville, AR: Student College Training, 5 days in
      Veterans Hospital for Lipoma of left hand.
      9 Aug 43 – 29 Aug 43 SAACC, San Antonio, TX: Classification
      1 Sep 43 – 3 Nov 43 SAACC, San Antonio, TX: Preflight Training
      5 Nov 43 – 7 Jan 44 Hicks Field, Ft. Worth, TX: Air Corps Primary Pilot Training,
      Fairchild PT-19 aircraft, 57:47 hours.
      9 Jan 44 – 12 Mar 44 Majors Field, Greenville, TX: Air Corps Basic Pilot Training, Vultee
      BT-13 Valiant aircraft, 80:10 hours.
      14 Mar 44 – 23 May 44 Blackland AAF, Waco, TX: Air Corps Advanced Pilot Training,
      Cessna AT-17 Bobcat (twin engine), 75:45 hours.
      9 May 44 – 9 May 44 Blackland AAF, Waco, TX: Qualified as Marksman, .45 Pistol, Score
      22 May 44 Blackland AAF, Waco, TX: Honorable Discharge as US Army
      enlisted man in preparation for promotion as 2nd Lieutenant, Army Air
      Corps (AR 615-160). ER Excellent. Awarded Good Conduct Medal
      and National Service Defense Medal.
      23 May 44 Blackland AAF, Waco, TX: Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant, Army of
      the United States by Headquarters, Army Air Forces Central Flying
      Training Command, Randolph Field, TX. Serial# AO-2059058.
      23 May 44 – 28 Jun 44 Section H, 2542nd AAFBU,BAAF, Waco, TX: Attached unassigned,
      awaiting permanent assignment.
      29 Jun 44 – 13 Aug 44 Keesler Field, Biloxi, MS: B-24 flight training
      15 Aug 44 – 20 Aug 44 Waco, TX: TDY for reassignment.
      23 Aug 44 – 10 Sep 44 Lincoln, NE: B-24 Maintenance training
      15 Sep 44 – 30 Nov 44 211 AAF Base Unit CCTS RTU, Casper, WY: Combat Crew Training,
      Co-pilot B-24, 103 hours, Capt. John P. Jasper (VS JPJ 1092 Co-Pilot
      B-24). Combat crew assembled.
      1 Dec 44 – 18 Dec 44 Staging, Topeka, KS: Awaiting overseas orders.
      18 Dec 44 – 10 Jan 45 Enroute to Italy
      11 Jan 45 – 11 Jun 45 777th Bomber Squadron (H), 464 Bomber Group, Pantenella, Italy:
      1092 Co-Pilot B-24 (20 sorties – 134:45 combat hours – 162:00 flight
      hours). Lt. Col. William G. Moore, Jr. Squadron Commander.
      Campaigns – North Apennines 1944, Po Valley 1944, Rhineland
      1944-5, Central Europe 1945. Decorations/Citations: Air Medal (with
      one Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster), European Theatre of Operations with
      four bronze stars. Note: Last sortie for any 8th Air Force was 25 Apr
      11 Jun 45 – 30 Jun 45 Enroute to Ft. Leavenworth, KS, US: Depart Italy 13 Jun 45, Arrive
      US 29 Jun 45. Assigned to 38 AD Group, Hunter Field, GA, TDY for
      1 Jul 45 – 8 Aug 45 Ft. Leavenworth, KS: TDY for RRN
      9 Aug 45 – 10 Sep 45 3AFCAP Drew Field, Tampa, FL: B-17 Replacement Crew Training
      for Pacific/Far East deployment. Japanese surrender 2 Sep 45.
      24 Sep 45 – Ft. Leavenworth, KS: Physical Examination
      26 Sep 45 – Appointed 1 st Lt., Officers’ Reserve Corps, US Army by Army Service
      Forces, Seventh Service Command, War Department Personnel
      Center. Serial# O-2059058.
      12 Oct 45 – Separation Center, Ft. Leavenworth, KS: Separated from active duty as
      1 st Lt. “Relieved from Active Duty RR 1 -5(demobilization) & 3AF
      Reg 35-41 dts 24 Aug 45”. Decorations: World War II Victory Medal
      with 4 stars, Lapel button. ASR Score (12 May 45) 60.
      Fall 1947 – 18 May 48 Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ: Accepted back into the new US Air
      Force. What was this training for?? B-29?? F-80? P-51?Awarded
      Certificate of Attendance, Specialized Language School, HQ 43 rd
      Bombardment Wing (VH) in “Indoctrination in Spoken Russian”
      (dated 17 Jun 48?). Awarded Air Medal with cluster 18 Mar 48.
      18 May 48 – ? Jun 48 Enroute Guam via USS C. G. General Morton. Crosses equator 30
      May 48.
      ? Jun 48 – ? Dec 49 20th Air Force, Guam: B-29? Transfer to Clark Field indicates 21 st
      Troop Carrier Squadron (H).
      ? Dec 49 – 30 Nov 50 Clark Field, Angeles City, Philippines: 18th Fighter Wing (P-51)? or
      44th Fighter Squadron? or 80th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (F-80)? In
      August, the wing briefly reverted to the F-51 Mustang, returning to the
      F-80 in December 1950. Somewhere during this time flights were
      made out of Itazuke, Japan. Probably around November.
      30 Nov 50 – 23 Jan 51 8th Air Force, 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 49th Fighter-Bomber Group,
      80th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, C Flight, Kimpo, South Korea: Last
      picture is with P-51. MIA 23 Jan 51 Chuncho’n area of Korea. After
      action confirms flying F-80. Decorations: Republic of Korea
      Presidential Unit Citation, Purple Heart, Air Medal with Oak Leaf
      Cluster, United Nations Korea Service Medal, Korean Service Medal,
      American Campaign Medal with three bronze stars. One other medal
      looks like Air Force Longevity Service Award except lighter blue
      background and 4 stars.
      18 Jan 52 – Declared KIA by DoD..

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