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Heraldic Blazer Patch


Here is the heraldic blazer patch/emblem for our Squadron! It is the result of inputs from over 80 of our members and designed in 1996 by Mr. Richard Crossett, one of North America’s foremost artists of Military Heraldic Art. As you can see, the badge ties all of our Squadron eras together. WWII is represented by two white lightning bolts, symbolizing the “Twin Tailed P-38 Lightning” which played such an important part in our distinguished history. The six bi-colored points around our unique Headhunter logo, which is in full color on a white background, represent our six Presidential Unit Citations—three from WWII (in WWII colors of green and white) and three from the Korean War (in black and yellow—Squadron colors from then to the present). The blue ring encircling the logo symbolizes the current Air Force since 1947—tying all the eras together to the present day. Today’s active duty “Juvats” are represented by the motto the Squadron adopted in 1970; “Audentes Fortuna Juvat”—Fortune Favors the Bold—in black on a yellow banner. An additional symbol of the unity of the Squadron from its WWII beginning to the present is symbolized by the current motto banner looped over the two lightning bolts, thus encircling the entire badge. We’re confident these beautiful emblems, which can be worn by both men and women, hand crafted in gold and silver thread by the Ben Silver corporation in Charleston, SC, and incorporating clasps on the back to allow easy removal to another coat, will become “Squadron Standard”—not only at our reunions, but in our everyday lives to express our pride in our famous heritage.