"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

T-4 Mike Sekelick- Carnegie, PA (confirmed)

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  1. Hi Gary,

    Sorry for late reply as this is not a sight I monitor and just happened to check in again and see your reply. Firstly, let me thank you for your reply. Secondly, let me assure you that this picture is of my Uncle Mike as I have the same picture. We always celebrated his birthday in NOV and it was 1919, but I must say that my dad, Peter, was the youngest of 12, and his mother passed two years after him. The story goes that the neighbor estimated when they were all born, so a different date does not surprise me. As for his Dad’s name, he definitely did not “Americanize” it as Onufer was always Onufer, including on his naturalization, draft, and RR ID’s, and was known as Onufer till his death in 1957. Uncle Mike was in New Guinea in 42 and came back with a severe case of malaria and had his spleen and other organs removed and was hospitalized in WV and DC for about two years. We can exchange other various information as you wish, but as regards, the picture above, there is no doubt that is of my Uncle Mike, of 316 Lexington Ct, Carnegie, PA. He died Mar 28, 1981 in a VET Hospital from heart failure related to kidney failure (dialysis for 9 years) related ultimately to malaria related health issues from the war. He never complained. That was his lot; other paid more; others less.


    • Matthew. I’ve updated the title of the post. Glad we cleared up the confusion. What a man he was! Few of that generation complained. Cheers, Tex

      • Dear James,

        Can you tell me about “Uncle Mike’s” time in PNG? Did you know him? What his role was? When/Where he served. Was he part of 80th and in what capacity. We knew he did not fly. Our recall was he was a TYPIST CLERK, but of course, all were GI’s. Anything and everything would be greatly appreciated.


        Matthew Sekelick

  2. Matthew, if I’m looking at the right “Michael Sekelick” of Carnegie, PA, I think there’s an error somewhere on his birthdate. His draft registration, enlistment and VA record all indicate 14 November 1920 (rather than the ‘1919’) you indicated. It looks like he ‘Americanized’ his father’s name on his draft registration card as “Oliver” rather than “Onufer.” Do I have the right guy?

  3. Pictured above is Michael Sekelick of 316 Lexington Ct., Carnegie, PA. 1919-1981. Mike was the second son of Onufer Sekelick (Sykelyk) and Julia (yulya) Hoysan. He contracted malaria in New Guinea and spent most of the war recouperating in West Virginia VA Hospital.

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